Bull Market

Bull Market


Bull Market

Original painting by Carl Olson, Jr.

48"x36" acrylic on canvas.

This painting was inspired by artist John Nieto. I discovered his work back in the mid 1990's and was mesmerized by his use of brilliant neon colors illustrating the animals and people of the American West.

Ten years later I painted Bull Market, and it's companion painting, Bear Market. I I displayed these brilliant, colorful paintings in my loft-style high tech office in downtown Atlanta. Having these paintings hanging in my office resulted in me doing commissioned works in a similar style. 

These two paintings have been a part of my personal collection for many years. I've reluctantly decided to part company with them to make room for new works I want to paint. I haven't done any paintings in this style in nearly a decade. Perhaps it's time to do another series.

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