GUP 8: Danjel van Tijn of Intellijel Designs

Danjel (pronounced like Daniel) van Tijn has turned his passion for analog music synthesizer modules into a thriving business he runs from his home. Employing several people, Intellijel Designs is the home of a eclectic fascinating collection of modules that create and modify sounds. In recent years analog synthesizers have seen a major resurgence in popularity. As a result a large DIY community has sprung up to meet the demands for analog modules. Danjel's success in this market arose from his passion for all things analog and the community which he so generously supports and gives back to.

In this episode Danjel tells his story of going from school to a corporate job and back to school again. And after getting another job that challenged him creatively (in a positive way) he finally started his own business. At first part-time, and then shortly after that full-time. I was inspired by Danjel's can-do, take action attitude, and a dogged determination to make his business work. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does comes through loud and clear in our conversation.

Danjel gives us an in-depth look into how he developed the idea to create his first product. He talks about how he tested the market to see if there was a demand for his first analog music synthesis module before sinking a lot of money into it. He relates how his participation in a popular modular synth forum helped establish his authority in this niche. Danjel sold out his first manufactured run of 50 modules within a matter of weeks. From that amazing beginning Intellijel Designs has grown to employ a number of part-time and full-time staff.

What a cool biz! Can you imagine waking up each day to the prospect of creating and assembling all these amazing analog sound modules? You gotta test them, right? I can already hear the theme to Dr. Who running through my mind.

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The sound bite featured briefly in the podcast is by musician Richard Devine demoing the Intellijel Designs Planar Module in use with other modules.

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