GUP 6: Dave Dugdale of

Dave Dugdale - creator of - has turned his curiosity and passion for making videos with DSLR cameras into a successful online business. In this episode, Dave tells his story of how he went from working in a full-time job to being a stay-at-home dad to becoming gainfully unemployed by creating revenue generating websites.

Dave describes himself as an advanced amateur videographer. Yet, when you watch his videos you realize just how self-deprecating he is - this guy can shoot awesome video! What makes his approach unique is how he documented the steep learning curve of mastering video with a Canon DSLR camera. He invites you to look over his shoulder and watch - mistakes and all - as he asks questions, experiments, and learns how to master the craft of video. Dave has created several online video tutorials that have sold very well. He shares with us how he built up and connected with his audience by being everywhere (to borrow a Pat Flynn expression) socially on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as building up an email list.

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