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The business you have today may not be the business you envisioned. That happened to Chris Savage, co-founder of Rather than resist change, he and his co-founder Brendan Schwartz (CTO), embraced the direction their customers took them. Today they have an amazing video hosting business - one that I recently started using to host all the training video of Reets.TV.

According to Chris' blog - Savage Thoughts: "When Brendan and I first started Wistia, it was pretty darn clear how big the company was. This was easy because there were two of us, we had no website, and we were 22 and 23 (Brendan was the old man). We didn’t think to hide who we were or what we were doing. When we went to startup events, it was two dudes working on a problem. When we first met Ben and Adam, it was just Brendan and I working out of Brendan’s bedroom." Today, Wistia employs 13 team members.

In this interview, Chris tells the Wistia story and talks about how to use video in your business marketing efforts.

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