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In October of 2007 I bought a 24" iMac that changed my world. To get the most of out of it, I looked for resources to help me get a head start on learning about how to get the most out of my new iMac and learn about the cool software available for it. That's when I discovered a Mac-centric online video tutorial website called ScreenCastsOnline. I immediately subscribed, and have been a member ever since.

I'm pleased to have the founder of ScreenCastsOnline, Don McAllister, on the Gainfully Unemployed Podcast. His business model is one that I have adopted for my venture Reets.TV - an online video training resource for water damage restoration professionals.

In this episode, Don McAllister talks about:

  • How he started ScreenCastsOnline
  • Making the jump from the corporate job to pursue ScreenCastsOnline full-time
  • The importance of establishing oneself as an authority
  • How the iPad has changed the way people consume education material
  • The role podcasting plays in spreading the word about ScreenCastsOnline
  • How Apple's Newsstand app has opened new opportunities for ScreenCastsOnline
  • How his business model has inspired others to create new businesses

Mentioned In The Podcast

Don McAllister's websites:

ScreenCastsOnlineDon's Blog - The Mac Screencast Guy

Don McAllister on Twitter: @DonMcAllister

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