GUP 3: Video Business Guru Kris Simmons of 6 Strong Media and

The first time I met Kris, I was impressed with how much he was willing to share about the inner workings of his video production business - 6 Strong Media. We've talked many times about business and each time we do finish up a session I slap my forehead and say, "Boy, I sure wish I had recorded that!" So, today, I finally get a chance to record Kris' conversation about business in this episode of the Gainfully Unemployed podcast and thus have the opportunity to share it with you.

In this inspiring episode, Kris talks about:

  • How the name of Kris' business helps keep him focused on priorities that matter
  • How a forced downsizing of Kris' business eventually led to higher profits
  • What motivates Kris to be an entrepreneur
  • Why people fail in business and what it takes to succeed
  • Why his video production business has succeeded and continues to grow while other video businesses are failing
  • The importance of creating multiple revenue streams
  • Why an entrepreneur must embrace change
  • How his sales process evolved to focus on customer needs
  • How experimenting and testing has been vital for growing his business and maintaining his interest in the business

Mentioned In The Podcast

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Kris Simmons on Twitter: @videobizguru

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