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In the second episode of the Gainfully Unemployed Podcast, I'm super excited to present to you a special guest: James Schramko of Before SuperFastBusiness was born James was working a corporate job as a sales guy, climbing his way up the corporate ladder, and making good money. He would be considered a "success" by just about anyone's standards. But James felt it was too dangerous to have all his income was tied up in one source - his employer. What he really wanted to do was to be gainfully unemployed - having multiple revenue streams. That way if one revenue stream failed it would not be a financial tsunami. So he plotted his escape from the corporate world, and today runs a successful group of online businesses that fulfills his desire to have multiple sources of revenue while allow him the freedom to do what he wants.

In this info-packed episode, James talks about:

  • Why the "job" is a financial dead-end to wealth building
  • Why having a "job" may actually be the most dangerous, least secure thing you can do financially
  • Why the "Noah Principle" is important to your your business' survival
  • Why being focused on "free and cheap" is a mind trap to avoid
  • Why systems are vital for a successful business
  • Learn why you need to learn the language of wealth
  • Is a Mastermind group right for you, are you right for a Mastermind group?
  • Why you should "re-pot" yourself periodically
  • Why your goal should be to make yourself redundant in your business

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James Schramko's main website:

James Schramko on Twitter: @JamesSchramko

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