Live Studio Performance of After The Flood by Vile Electrodes

Artists Neon and Swan of Vile Electrodes perform After The Flood live in their studio. Despite the wall of synthesizers, it's a surprisingly minimalist performance. It's a beautiful vocal performance by Neon supported by lush synths and rhythms. The prose of the songwriting is clever and deftly avoids cliche.

In another track titled The Last Time, the video combines what appears to be a timelapse of a clock combined with Neon's vocal performance. The video description for this song notes that it was "filmed in our lounge in about half an hour (apart from the clock footage, obviously that took 12 hours) and then edited and argued about for over 3 months. I performed the song really slowly over a full 24 hours and then we sped up the footage, hence the fast moving clock-hand. OR MAYBE WE POSSIBLY DID IT ANOTHER WAY!"

While we may not know exactly how they pulled it off–the results are beautiful and compelling.

For more information, visit their website: Vile Electrodes.