The Art Market

There are two things I want to do:

1) Create art

2) Sell the art I create

I doubt I’ll create and sell a series of Campbell soup cans. That’s been done before.

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.

As with any new endeavor, I’m painfully aware of my own naivety to marketing art and the business of art. This is a feeling that’s not new to me. What I do professionally has evolved and so, too, my understanding of business. I know that I do not know all that I need to know.

With that sobering bit of knowledge, I do what any self-respecting ignorant person does: Google it.

I found a four part series directed by Oscar Boyson and produced in collaboration with UBS and Artsy. The series is: The Art Market (in Four Parts). These four short films cover the four cornerstones of the art market: auctions, galleries, patrons, and art fairs. According to Artsy: "Together, the four segments tell a comprehensive story about the art market’s history and cultural influence, providing an approachable yet nuanced introduction to a extraordinary subject."

Nuanced? The modern art market portrayed in this four part series is far more stratospheric than my modest desire to sell my paintings on Etsy or directly from my website. The Art Market series is nonetheless a fascinating look of how the art market has evolved.

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Auctions

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Galleries

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Patrons

The Art Market (in Four Parts): Art Fairs

Carl Olson