The ARP Family of Synthesizers Vinyl Demo Record

Recently I was cleaning out my office and brutally discarding anything that was no longer needed. In doing so, I came across a blue folder that contained a small vinyl record in its original protective sleeve. It was the same size as a 45 rpm disc, but was designed to be played at 33 1/3 rpms. On the faded record sleeve I had written in red ink the date I received the record in the mail: June 25, 1974.

The title of the record: The ARP Family of Synthesizers.

This record is a marketing demo of ARP synthesizers including the ARP Odyssey. I desperately wanted one! To hear the Odyssey the only option was to go to a music store that had one in stock. There was no internet, SoundCloud, MP3, or YouTube. ARP was very forward thinking in their marketing when they released this demo record for free. It would have been enormously expensive for them to produce, manufacture and distribute this record for free. Sadly, ARP is no longer around. And, no, I never did buy that ARP Odyssey synthesizer.

I recorded both sides of the record into Adobe Audition as-is. The only processing I did to the audio file was to apply the Automatic Click Removal filter at the default settings. There's no telling how many hundreds of times I played both sides of the record so many years ago so the vinyl is not in the best of shape.

Side 1 of the record is narrated by Roger Powell - who played keyboards for Todd Rundgren. The record also features music composed and performed by Powell using ARP synthesizers. Additional music by Dave Fredericks and Harry Coon are on the record, too.

Side 2 is a rather eclectic assortment of musical pieces performed on the ARP Odyssey. Roger Powell's songs Queene Enfineska and Heremtic Enigma are by far the best. The most ridiculous is the corny rendition of Mockingbird Hill. Back in the late sixties and early seventies it was not unusual to see a number of records come out in this style. Gershon Kingsley's Popcorn anyone? Oh, wait! That was done on a Moog.

While you listen to the demos, check out this vintage ARP product sheet scanned by Retro Synth Ads.

The ARP Family of Synthesizers

Side 1 Stero | 33 1/3 RPM


Musical pieces by Dave Fredericks and Harry Coon

ARP Instruments
320 Needham St.
Newton, Mass. 02164


The ARP Family of Synthesizers

Side 2 Stero | 33 1/3 RPM

Dave Fredericks Courtesy of Ad Rhythm Records


Roger Powell From Atlantic Album "Cosmic Furnace"

Dave Fredericks

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