Sebastian Wiegärtner - Artisan of Corporate Filmmaking - Image Film Chocolate Manufacture

On the last day of 2010, it's cold and gray here in Atlanta. It's not nearly as cold as in the rest of the country or Europe so I'm grateful that we are not freezing or buried in snow. Nonetheless, the shorter days and cold, damp air bring on a melancholy that needs to be chased away.

So, imagine my delight this morning to see a real treat that warms my soul - chocolate! Sebastian Wiegärtner - who has produced a number of outstanding films and has elevated the art of corporate filmmaking - brings to life the making of one of life's best antidotes to the winter blues - chocolate. It's beautifully filmed with a Canon 7D and graded in Apple Color and a hint of Magic Bullet Looks. Sebastian is every bit the artisan as the chocolatiers featured in this sumptuous film.


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