River Teaches Painting With Watercolors

River is my eight year old granddaughter. She’s a bright and creative girl, always happy. A couple of days ago River and her younger sister visited Grandma and I. They love to come into my studio and play - whether that is drawing on my marker board, drawing on paper, or painting with acrylics, oil paint, or watercolors. On this day, we decided to play with watercolors.

As River painted she began to verbalize her thought processes and her philosophy of painting. This video is the result of that painting session. River shares her insights on watercolor, and why she likes art.

Granddad: “River, why do you like art?”

River: “That it kind of shows like love. And I like love.”

That’s profound! Art shows our love. That says it all!

They all grow up so fast - so cherish the time you have with your kids and/or grandkids.

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