Review of Seagate's Thunderbolt Desktop Adapter

I have a mid-2011 model of Apple's 27" iMac. Unfortunately, it does not have USB 3 ports - only the much slower USB 2 ports. However, it does have two Thunderbolt ports. My Thunderbolt capable Promise Pegasus R4 is blazing fast. If only there was a Thunderbolt compatible hard drive dock...

In this video I show how I use the Seagate Thunderbolt Desktop Adaptor (affiliate link) in a bit of a hack to mount OEM bare metal hard drives. Though this adapter wasn't intended to be used with OEM drives, it does work - as long as you take a few simple precautions.

Bottom line: this adapter is 4x faster than my USB hard drive dock. If you do have a Mac or PC that has USB 3, then there is no real advantage in using the Seagate Thunderbolt adapter when using single spinning hard drives for backups.

Also mentioned in the video:

HighPoint Dual-Bay Thunderbolt 10Gbps Storage Dock (RocketStor 5212) (affiliate link)

By the way, this video was recorded using my iPhone 5 and a RODE Smartlav mic (affiliate link). The video was edited in FCP X 10.1.

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