Red Robin Commercial Shot With Canon 5D Mark II Behind The Scenes

The Canon 5D Mark II is ubiquitous on film shoots of all sorts - from weddings to commercials to episodic television to feature films. Warts and all - this camera continues to be the dominant acquisition device for filmmakers around the world.

Here's an example submitted by Michael Huber, an HDSLR enthusiast. Recently his daughter starred in a Red Robin commercial shoot. Michael took a few behind the scenes images and video with his Canon 7D while the commercial itself was also shot with the 5D Mark II.

Cute commercial!

Red Robin, yum! (Wish there was one nearby!)

My thanks goes to Michael Huber for sending me the video links and telling me about the story. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mhuberarchitect. Michael is an award winning architect who uses his Canon 7D to film some of his amazing architectural projects. Be sure to check out his website at: He hosts a great audio podcast on architecture and construction.

VideoCarl Olson