Precariously Time-lapsing Volcan Osorno

 Volcan Osorno towers 8,701 feet (2,652 meters) over Lago (Lake) Llanquihue. On the rare days that the cloud cover lifts, you can see why the beautiful, snow-covered cone of the volcano is sometimes referred to as the Mount Fuji of Chile.

There is a road the leads up to roughly 6,000 feet, just above the tree line, to a small ski lift. In route we came across a motorist who had inadvertantly and precariously tipped over their SUV in a culvert on the mountain side. After contacting help for the stranded motorist, we continued on to the ski center.

There, in the stark volcanic landscape high on the slopes of Volcan Osorno, I decided to try taking some timelapse video with my Canon 5D Mark II. Buffeting winds up to 50 miles per hour made this an exercise in frustration. Nonetheless, the vista from here was breathtaking.

PhotographyCarl OlsonComment