Polaroid Dealer Film From 1964

This film was produced by Polaroid and released back in 1964 for camera dealers. What's intriguing to me are the sales figures of Polaroid vs 35mm and 8mm. Polaroid claimed that it's camera sales alone (not including film and accessories) exceeded the 35mm and 8mm market. Another comparison Polaroid presents is that their dollar volume sales exceed by over a third all the dollar value of all cameras from Germany, Japan, and "other."

The announcer (reporter Lowell Thomas) exclaims: "Unbelievable? Well there it is in black and white. This position in the market place is no accident... It has been carefully built and owes its growth to a good many factors. The product line of course - constantly improving, constantly expanding. Film speeds have gone from 100 ASA to 200, to 400, to 3000, even to 10,000, to say nothing about a lot of film for special uses."

Sadly, Polaroid came to its end as an instant film leader in 2008.