Podcasting Myths Exposed - Part 2 - Audio Quality Doesn't Matter!

Recently I was listening to a podcast about podcasting and the topic was audio quality. It was excruciating! Their audio quality was horrible! But wait, it gets better! The podcasting gurus that produce this podcast about podcasting will gladly sell you a course for a few hundred dollars to show you how to podcast! And, presumably, how to emulate their, ahem, great audio in your own podcast.

Yikes! We need a reality check!

In today’s crowded podcast market, audio quality matters more than ever. To stand out in a sea of mediocre podcasts, you need to sound good. I rarely listen to a podcast today if the audio is bad. There’s no excuse for it and I’m kind of fond of my ears and don't want to have to struggle to hear a poorly recorded podcast.

Take a look at the top 200 podcasts in iTunes. What traits do the shows in the top 200 have in common?

Two things stand out:

1) These podcasts provide content that people want to hear (that’s a huge topic in itself).

2) Most of these podcasts have good audio.

The lesson? Great content plus good audio equals a podcast people want to listen to.

Closely related to audio quality is using a good microphone. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad advice given about which microphone to use. Watch the next video in this series to learn more: Podcasting Myths Exposed - Part 3 - Use A Blue Nessie, Snowball, or Yeti Microphone

Alas, I have a confession to make. The earliest episodes of my podcasts sound terrible! When I launched my first podcast several years ago, the number one complaint from listeners was about the poor audio quality of my show. Frankly, I was embarrassed. I had fallen for the trap of thinking that quality didn’t matter… just put it out there as the gurus say. Needless to say, improving the audio quality of my shows became the priority for me.

Ah, future podcaster, you don’t have to make the same mistake I did! Today, there’s no excuse for launching a podcast with bad quality audio. It’s not difficult to achieve good audio for your podcast, but you do have to follow a few basic principles and have the right gear to get good sound.

That’s where the Unconventional Guide To Podcasting comes in.

I’ll show you have to create good sound for your podcast. You won’t get just a recipe–you will learn to master the core principles of how to make your show sound great.

You have something to say so don’t muffle it with bad audio! Don’t fall for the podcasting myth that audio quality doesn’t matter. It does matter! To stand out in an ever increasingly crowded selection of podcasts, it matters more than ever. It’s definitely worth putting in a bit more effort to get the best sound for your podcast and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

And the best part? It’s fun to create a great sounding podcast your listeners will love!