Podcasting Myths Exposed - Part 1 - Podcasting Is Easy!

A prominent well-known podcasting guru perpetuates the myth that podcasting is easy by doing a demo they call “How to create and launch a podcast in under 3 minutes."

The ugly truth is: you cannot create a podcast in under 3 minutes.

I understand what the podcasting gurus are trying to do: If you think a podcast is hard, you may never start. And, of course, you do need to start! But, is it possible that there’s another reason for misleading would-be podcasters into thinking that podcasting is easy? If you are discouraged from starting a podcast because it seems too complicated and difficult, you are probably not going to spend $1300, $2300, or $3000 or more on their expensive training, exclusive communities and masterminds. It's something to think about.

Podcasting is a craft that requires mastering a few skills. Fortunately, the skills are not so difficult that you have to spend years to learn. If you have about twenty hours or so and are willing to learn, you can master podcasting–and have fun doing so!

This is the second video in my series The Unconventional Guide To Podcasting. I explain in a bit more detail (and in a somewhat whimsical way) why I think the idea that podcasting is easy is pure bunk!

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