Pencil Kings Podcast Features Carl Olson

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Pencil King Podcast - founded and hosted by Mitch Bowler. It was a great opportunity for me to talk about the benefits of doing the Digital Convergence Podcast. Mitch was a great host and it was a genuine pleasure to converse with him.

Mitch’s podcast - The Pencil Kings Podcast - interviews today’s top artists and digital media creatives to uncover the story behind their work. Whether you are an aspiring artist, a hobbyist, or a professional artist - this show is for you. If you are looking for inspiring and insightful interviews from artists all over the world, the Pencil Kings Podcast is the right place to learn the behind the scenes stories of how these artists got started and how they turned their passion into creative art careers.

In thirty minutes it’s hard to do justice and give credit to all the amazing guests that have been on my show. It would take hours to acknowledge all those who have been an inspiration to me as a digital media professional. In this episode, Mitch coaxes out of me a few of the many lessons I’ve learned from the guests on my show. Here’s just one example: I talk about how Izzy of helped me pivot my thinking about doing client work. Instead of doing one-off client gigs, I started producing content that I could share in receiving revenue from long term. I'm deeply grateful to Izzy for his inspiration and challenging me to think differently about the way I approach business as a content producer.

You can check out episode 91 of the Pencil Kings Podcast here. And while you are at, why not subscribe to Mitch’s excellent podcast, too? Many of the artists featured on the Pencil Kings Podcast have their roots in video, animation, and VFX work.