Pacific Sea Nettle at the Georgia Aquarium Filmed with Canon 5D Mark II

Recently, my wife and I visited the Georgia Aquarium located in downtown Atlanta. It had been a while since we had last been there. When we last visited, the Canon 5D Mark II was unheard of, but this time I had mine with me. I spent about an hour in front of the Pacific Sea Nettle tank filming the mesmerizing scene before me.

What an extraordinary display of beauty!

As I filmed, I listened in on the conversation of the hundreds of visitors. Children would press their faces close against the acrylic window and cheer with glee. Their little hands would trace the route of the drifting creatures.

I heard one child ask her mother, "Do the jelly fish make jelly?"

The child's parent responded, "No!"

The child responded in all seriousness, "Then why do they call them jelly fish?"

A good question!

One thing my wife and I noted about the visitors - every parent made a point of telling their children that the jelly fish will sting you and kill you! Not one parent commented on the Sea Nettle's beauty to their children. As far as that goes, I did not hear anyone at all note the Sea Nettle's beauty. The conversation always centered on "they will sting you." I thought that was a sad bit of commentary.

I assembled a few of my favorite clips in Final Cut Pro and added a music track from the album "Glaciation" by Patrick O'Hearn.

The result?


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