Mr. Bean Goes Plein Air Painting

Plein air painting seems to have become the new golf. Painting outdoors is certainly a lot of fun. But not for everyone as Mr. Bean soon finds out!

In this animated series voiced by Rowan Atkinson (well, by "voiced" I mean various grunts, sighs, and mumbles), Mr. Bean is skeptical at first about the idea of painting, but when he sees an artist sell a painting he gets the bug to paint. Mr. Bean concocts his own pigments from ketchup (red), mustard (yellow), very rank blue cheese mold (blue), a head of lettuce or cabbage (green), and blueberries (purple).

With his newly pressed pigments in hand, he sits down in his studio and confronts a blank canvas. Frustrated, he decides to go outdoors for inspiration. His bug for painting is nearly undone by real bugs and critters that want to his paints! However, Mr. Bean is not one to give up! He outwits the bugs and finally puts his masterpiece up for sale. The bugs return! But this time the bugs swarming around his plein air painting accidentally become a source of recurring revenue for him.

That Mr. Bean is one clever, enterprising plein air painter!

Art, Plein Air, VideoCarl Olson