Moogfest Mavericks of Sound Design Panel with Eric Persing, Diego Stocco, Richard Devine and Scott Gershin

Awesome panel discussion about sound design featuring Eric Persing, Diego Stocco, Richard Devine and Scott Gershin. The video is almost an hour long; however, the lively discussion about their craft, sound design philosophies, and techniques is well worth the time to watch. I love their stories about working with clients!

Who are these guys? According to Wikipedia: "Eric Persing is a sound designer, professional synthesist and producer in Los Angeles, California. He is best known as the Founder and Creative Director of the leading music software and virtual instrument company Spectrasonics. Diego Stocco is an Italian sound designer and composer for movies, television and video games. Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from hip-hop to old and modern electronic music." Also, Scott Gershin is a sound designer whose film credits include Pacific Rim, Gladiator, American Beauty, and Das Boot.

I've known of Eric Persing for many years as his name is associated with the sound design of several of the beautiful presets found in many of the most popular Roland synthesizers - some of which were once in my studio. He is the founder of Spectrasonics - the company behind one of the most powerful software synths - Omnisphere. You have heard this synth many times - it's been used in the sound track of many feature films - including Avatar. This synth is now a core part of my sound design studio.