Leonardo da Vinci - Exploring the Hand of Genius

A remarkable exhibit featuring Leonardo da Vinci is on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, through February 21, 2010. As you enter the museum you are greeted with the stunning sight of life-size model of Leonardo's proposed "Sforza Horse." It was to have been a four times larger than life statue cast in bronze of Ludovico Sforza. When France invaded Italy, Leonardo's plans to cast the huge monument were dashed. The bronze that was to have been used to cast the statue was repurposed as weapons. The clay form was used for target practice. Though Leonardo's dream to cast the Sforza horse died, it was not a total loss. He spent years studying the anatomy of horses. The lessons learned no doubt contributed to Leonardo perfecting his craft.

Leonardo on learning:

"Just as food eaten without appetite is turned into loathsome nourishment, so study without a taste for it spoils memory, causing it to retain nothing which is taken in."

Though we may not succeed in all we set out to do, if we set out to learn with "appetite" and "study with a taste for it" we will improve our craft - whether it is taking a photograph, shooting video, crafting HTML and CSS, or baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Image of the Sforza Horse life-size model taken with an iPhone 3G.