Internet Cafe U Zlate Ruze

Social media. I'm not quite sure what that is supposed to mean. Can media really be sociable?

It's easy to think being connected, friended, linked in, skyped, IM'ed, texted, followed, waved, and retweeted as being sociable. But all those things at the end of the day feel more like a little shout of "Hey! Over here! Look at me!" You may get a glance, but the lifestream moves on, and you're soon forgotten. The voyeurism of watching the lifestreams of others ultimately feels hollow, ironically disconnected.

A little table sits on the sidewalk on a small side street. Folks are sitting relaxed, sipping coffee and chatting about nothing. To see a smile, the animated gestures of the hands, the twinkle of the eyes of another - ah! That is the ultimate social medium.