Imperfection and the Eye of the Artist

I struggle with the balance of perfectionism and "good enough" with my photography. The image that is tack sharp and razor focused. The exposure that obliterates every single pixel of noise. The composition that nails the rule of thirds. And yet...

I'm drawn to smearing and degrading an image until the noise is amplified, the focus is smeared, and the composition agitates.

Why do such images appeal to me?

Perhaps it is like a water color on hot pressed cotton paper. The image has texture. The artist does not try to achieve photorealism. Instead, the artist captures an impression, a sense of place, of time. An emotion. Or perhaps it is more like my memory - the details fade away until I'm left with the essence of not so much what I saw - but, rather, what I felt.

All images taken with an iPhone 3G (much to the chagrin of my mega-pixel-puffed Canon 5D Mark II) and processed with much wild abandon and way too much fun using Stu Maschwitz's amazing  Plastic Bullet iPhone app.  Plastic Bullet is published by Red Giant Software. Please don't tell anyone about it.

Getting Started with Plastic Bullet from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

Introducing Red Giant Software's Plastic Bullet: A Photo App with infinite possibilities.

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