I Received a Printed Rosemary & Co Quality Artists Brushes Catalog

From the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to all the cotton duck canvases in my studio, one thing has consistently left it’s mark on all of these: my paint brushes. Well, I had nothing to do with the Sistine Chapel!

Paint brushes come in a bewildering array of variety in application, size, quality and cost. Some brushes, frayed and worn, become old friends, while others end up in artistic divorce - thrown with disgust into the trash bin.

As I learn to paint, I have come to understand that with brushes it’s not as simple as “you get what you pay for." Some brushes I’ve bought for a dollar and have used them to create remarkable marks in my art. On the other hand, a few brushes I’ve paid top dollar for have fallen into disuse because I couldn’t figure out how to make them do my bidding at upon my canvas. That’s not to discount quality brushes that come at a premium. Generally it’s true - you do get what you pay for.

One source of premium, handmade brushes I recently heard about from several respected artists is Rosemary & Co – located in Yorkshire, England. Though their entire inventory of brushes can be browsed in their website, or a complete catalog (yes, a catalog) PDF can be downloaded and browsed offline… what truly amazed me is that I could order a printed catalog. Print! Hardcopy! An analog, bound, catalog that I can hold in my hands, browse without batteries, and quickly thumb through the pages till something catches my eye - this is something that no website or iPad or iAnything can successfully emulate. Oh, I love my iPad for reading - no doubt about it. Yet, there’s still a place for contemplative browsing through a physical construct - a book, or printed catalogue. I could not resist ordering a Rosemary & Co’s Quality Artists’ Brushes catalog!

And a few days later I received this small package in my mailbox. Via air mail. Delivered by Royal Mail and finally handed of to the United States Postal Service to be delivered to my mailbox - Postage Free! Emblazoned on the envelop - and surprisingly to my delight - is the label “PRINTED PAPER CATALOGUE” (British spelling of catalog adds a bit class don’t you think?). It certainly adds a bit of anticipation as to the contents of this small package.

In this video I share my reaction to the delightful contents of this package from Rosemary & Co. I can't wait to browse and study the Rosemary & Co. catalog and beautiful quarterly newsletter (which contains an article on renown artist Richard Schmid). Part of the excitement of learning something new is learning about the tools of the craft! Indeed, paint brushes are the tactile connection to a canvas and the daubs, strokes, stains, and glazes of paint that bring my creative vision to life. They are visceral, analog, and a makers tool that delights.

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Rosemary & Co. Quality Artists' Brushes: http://www.rosemaryandco.com