How to Easily Duplicate Any Post or Page In WordPress

In this video tutorial I will show you an easy way to duplicate any WordPress post, page, or portfolio item. Frustratingly, duplicating or cloning a post is not part of the Wordpress core. In Wordpress, you have to manually add a new post or page, then copy and paste the content you wish to copy, and finally configure your page/post setting and fields manually. What a chore!

WordPress plugin developer Enrico Battocchi has come to the rescue with his donation-ware WordPress plugin: Duplicate Post. What a time saver! This plugin does one thing really well: copy or clone any page, post or portfolio item. Not just the content - but also any fields or settings for the page. This is true even for pages that use advance page layout plugins. If you are using something like the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin – all your SEO settings are cloned, too.

I can't tell you how much time this plugin has saved me. I can quickly clone to a new draft and experiment with different page layouts, settings, and content without having to manually recreate the page. You know the saying "time is money." Though the Duplicate Post plugin is freely available, Enrico asks for a very modest donation (a measly 10 cents!) to help cover his development efforts. Considering the time you save using this plugin, it's worth the effort to make a donation.