How I Bought an $85 Dollar John Singer Sargent Fine Art Book for Less Than $3 Dollars

I love books about fine art, art history, and art techniques. It can be an expensive addiction!

Great deals can be found at Goodwill stores. For example, I found a wonderful book in a local Goodwill store about John Singer Sargent. It originally listed for $85 dollars. I bought it for $2.92. But I almost missed it! On a whim I pulled into the Goodwill store on the way home from running an errand. I almost didn't turn in to the store. However, I'm sure glad I did!

Since then, I've found several other books on fine art at several different Goodwill stores located near the Atlanta area. Some are books I probably would have never bought in the first place, but because they are so inexpensive, it's worth picking them up. Others are likely out of print and probably will never be available again so I like to grab those when I can. These include books printed for auctions, gallery showings, and museum exhibits.

Goodwill stores pricing on books are remarkably inexpensive: paperbacks for $1.91 each, and hardback books go for $2.92 each. If you are over the age of 55, then you also get a small discount on top of that.

Check out my video above to get sense of the fun I have locating these fine art book deals. It's like a treasure hunt - only it's for books about art.

Thank you for watching!

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