Dave Dugdale Interviews Me on the Learning DSLR Video Podcast

Talk about having the table turned on me...

Dave Dugdale - who lives near Boulder, Colorado - has a great website: LearningDSLRVideo.com. Dave has a great podcast, too. In a first for me, Dave invited me to appear as a guest on his podcast.

He asked some really good questions. He asked about shooting corporate video and then I derail things by talking about changing business models in the video world, taking a less-is-more approach to shooting video, and not getting hung up on expensive gear.

Dave was really a great interviewer. Unfortunately I talked way too much! And as they say, once it's on the web, it's there forever. :)

I really like Dave's approach. On his website he states:

"Come along with me as I learn how to shoot video with my Canon T2i 550D. As I learn something new I will create a short video on what I learned. I am not a DSLR or video expert at all, but I really enjoy learning."

Dave invites us to peer over his shoulder as he discovers the world of DSLR video. He has been putting out videos at a prolific rate! Good stuff here. Check it out.

Dave Dugdale's website: http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/

Dave Dugdale on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dugdale/

Dave Dugdale's podcast episode #9 featuring me! http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/carl-olson-16x9-cinema/

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