Atlanta Flood - September 2009

My blogging plans and work projects came to very wet and soggy end on Sunday evening, September 20, 2009. I had gone to bed shortly before midnight, only to be awaken 30 minutes later by my wife with the words "the basement is flooding!" From that moment until about 7 AM Monday, we constantly siphoned, pumped, and bailed. Alas, the damage was done. All the flooring had to come out. Drywall had to be ripped out. Drying equipment placed and ran for days. Washing and disinfecting performed. And rebuild. We came out good compared to many others whose homes were a total loss or, worse yet, loved ones lives lost. Still, it's been difficult to do any meaningful work in the last five weeks. Hopefully things will come together soon and work will resume in earnest. My clients have been sorely neglected these past five weeks. I'm grateful for their patience.

The force of floodwaters were clearly visible at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Much of the park became impassable due to flooding and erosion. Sadly, a portion of the old New Manchester factory ruins collapsed in the raging floodwaters. Roadways dating back to prior to the civil war were washed away in parts of the park. Park benches and decked trails were twisted heaps of lumber scattered among the trees. Even the military bridge crossing the river was shredded and sunk.

What General Sherman could not do fully with fire, nature did in one evening with water.

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