Artful Painter 2018 Rewind [LIVESTREAM]

2018 was my first year of full-time art making and learning to paint. The year started off with a bang (and a slough) when I successfully completed the 31 day Strada Easel Challenge - despite having the flu! It was the first year that I exhibited my art publicly. I set up my first art fair booth and sold several paintings. My artwork was featured at a local museum. I was invited to display my work for a month-long exclusive exhibition at the Vine Cafe and Market in Douglasville.

This video was an impromptu test of my livestream setup. Thanks to the viewers that jumped in and offered feedback. There are a few glitches where the images I intended to show did not appear. I'm learning how to use the livestreaming software - I didn't quite get screen sharing right.

VideoCarl Olson