Another Snow Day in Georgia - Filming for Fun with Canon 5D Mark II

For the third time this winter, it snowed today on the west side of Atlanta. I've lived in Georgia most of my life and I cannot recall ever having three separate snow events here in one winter.

As the snow was falling this afternoon, my wife suggested that I get the Canon 5D Mark II out and take some video of "her" birds on the feeders. We both have been reeling from the emotional trauma of our children going through the horrific earthquake in Chile. They are OK, but have a long recovery ahead of them as their little town rebuilds. Anyhow, I needed a little mental diversion and the nudge from my wife to get outside with the camera was just what I needed.

I mounted a 30 year old 300mm Nikkor lens to the Canon 5D Mark II and had a blast filming the birds on my wife's bird feeders in the garden. Perhaps my eyes deceive me and I'm imaging it - but I do think the Nikkor glass has a gorgeous look to it.

These little "mood" pieces I admit are a bit self indulgent. Perhaps we need to spend more time telling real stories. I don't know... sometimes I just want to have a little fun with the camera and not take it too seriously. The birds were having a glorious time in the snow.

So why shouldn't I?


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