And Now the Real First iPhone 4 Music Video - The Anix Enemy Eyes Official Music Video

Another group purporting to be the producers of the "first" iPhone 4 music video - The Anix. Looking at the upload timestamp - June 26, 2010 - it does appear they had their music video posted 4 days before FLAKJAKT's video that was posted on June 30, 2010. I think FLAKJAKT's production quality is higher than The Anix's "Enemy Eyes" video, though. If The Anix had set out to attain a similar level of quality and originality with their video - I imagine this would have been a tie. However, The Anix's video has a rushed quality to it. You sense that they were simply trying to get this video out just to claim to be the "first." I not sure being first was worth it, though.

Here's The Anix's official music video for their song "Enemy Eyes" with all video recorded on the iPhone 4.