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Episode 41 of the Digital Convergence podcast featured Owen Masterson. Owen and his wife, Christinia are the photographer / filmmaker duo behind the film Grow! The film follows several young farmers during the brutal 2010 growing season in Georgia.

In response to that podcast, Terry Howald - one of my earliest Twitter followers and listener to the podcast - kindly sent me two samples of honey harvested by his brother. His brother is a beekeeper and runs Majemca Creek Honey Farm, Inc., based in Indiana. The cute little fella on the left is full of Orange Blossom goodness from Florida, and the bottle on the right is plump with liquid gold harvested by the industrious bees of corn country from the wildflowers of Indiana. Honey is a lot like wine in that location, or terroir, affects the taste. Each area is unique.

I have tremendous respect for beekeepers. Beekeeping is a tough job made even tougher by complex environmental issues that are adversely affecting the health of bee colonies. While the honey bee as we know it is not a native of the Americas, it is one of the few "invasive" species that has benefitted the ecology of where we live. Without the hardworking honey bee and their effective and thorough pollination, the bounteous harvest from our gardens and orchards would be so much more difficult to obtain.

My wife's youngest brother, Jimmy Addis, is a beekeeper in Tiger, Georgia. I've followed him around on different occasions as he manages his hives. In the film clip below you can see some of Jimmy's hives and his bee's working a corn field. The video was captured a couple of years ago using very modest equipment: a Canon HV20 (yep - DV tape!).

I want to thank Terry and his brother for the fine samples of honey. I'll be making my own home-made whole-grained bread just for these. Yum!

So you are probably wondering what does this blog post have to do with filmmaking? Well, as it turns out Terry Howald is an amateur filmmaker using Canon HDSLR's. Terry has accompanied his brother and documented his activities as a beekeeper with his Canon 5D Mark II. He has a penchant for old B movies, and loves to experiment with photography and timelapse. Terry has chosen to take the road less travelled by using Linux in addition to the mainstream OS's of the world.

You can follow Terry on twitter @terryhowald.

Full disclosure: I'm very partial to bees and honey :)

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