A Beautifully Crafted Series of Interviews by Design Firm Alfred Dunhill

"The majority of the last fifty years of my life has been wasted photographing wars. What good have I done showing these pictures of suffering?"

Those poignant words of photographer Don McCullin open this brilliant, beautifully filmed interview produced by the British design firm Alfred Dunhill. As you watch, notice how McCullin is framed. The framing of McCullin certainly breaks many of the rules we've been taught on how to shoot an interview–with good effect. Tension builds as McCullin looks off frame. Release comes in the wide shot when McCullin talks about the contrast between the horrors of seeing starving children and that of his own children at home refusing Sunday lunch. A cut to a close shot of his hands draws you into his conflicted feelings when he observes, "being a human being is difficult."

This interview is also a lesson in effective content marketing by design firm Alfred Dunhill. Do you see anything in this video that you can use to enhance your next interview?

Here are a few more outstanding examples from Alfred Dunhill including Brian Eno, John Hurt, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. There are other great interviews in the series that can be found on Alfred Dunhill's YouTube channel.

Don McCullin, photographer Voice - Spring Summer 2013 www.dunhill.com

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