Rick Delgado on Filming for Nickelodeon, New Macs for Pros, and the Sony a9 (227)

Can there be a better guide than Apple’s own manuals for FCP, Motion, and Logic? Yes indeed! I’m going to tell you about an incredible set of “graphically enhanced manuals" from musician, composer, author, and CEO of DingDing Music, Inc. - Edgar Rothermich.

Apple made a huge splash earlier this week at WWDC 2017. Not only did Apple demonstrate solid software updates to iOS and macOS, they announced a huge round of hardware updates including the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMacs, and now the iMac Pro, along with hints of a modular Mac Pro. That should make a bunch of creative pros happy! Or, you would think!

Cinematographer and photographer Rick Delgado checks in with me after just returning from Cancun where he worked on a commercial shoot for Nickelodeon. He also tells me about his impressions and thoughts about NAB 2017, and he answers the question “do real pros use autofocus.” His answer may surprise you!


Rick Delgado's website: http://www.nufro.com

Edgar Rothermich's GEM Manuals: http://www.dingdingmusic.com/DingDing/Home.html

Apple's new iMac Pro: https://www.apple.com/imac-pro/

Off Hollywood's OMOD Pro for RED: http://offhollywoodny.com/


CrumplePop - Makers of fine Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X Plugins: http://crumplepop.com

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