John Reuter - Second Impressions - Part 1 (230)

John Reuter - artist, photographer, and director of the Polaroid 20x24 Project, returns to the Artful Camera. John has worked closely with a number of well known artists including Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, William Wegman, Elsa Dorfman, Joyce Tenneson, and many others to help them bring their creative visions to life using the Polaroid 20x24 camera. However, John Reuter is an accomplished artist in his own right. This episode focuses on John and his work as an artist.

The exhibit John Reuter: Second Impressions, Polaroid Process to Singapore Infrared opened at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre on June 21, 2017, and runs through August 5th. It features 35 20x24 Polacolor Image Transfers created by John. Eight of these images are 4 panel assemblies measuring 42x52 inches and mounted on canvas. While many of the images featured in the exhibit date back as as early as 1988, the show features two new 4 panel pieces created by John in 2017 just for this exhibit.

In this episode John talks about the early history of using Polaroid images in mixed media art, and his own pioneering techniques in creating beautiful, evocative images that now line the walls of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.


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