DCP 96: The New Stuff Show

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.06, cool new stuff from Apple (iPad mini, 4th gen iPad, razor thin iMacs, retina 13" MacBook, new Mac Mini's), Canon 5D Mark III full HDMI output, oh my! Chris Fenwick and planetMitch get excited and excitable about all the new stuff announced this week in episode 96 of the Digital Convergence Podcast - the number talk show about photography, video, and post-production. But wait! There's more... Chris shares a cool tip about creating sparse disk images for Final Cut Pro X projects and events, and Chris talks about his folder structure for FCP X projects and events. Is there anything this man does not know?!?

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Cool Links From the Today's Show

HDMI disk Recorder during the 5D3 Firmware discussion http://www.sounddevices.com/products/pix240i/

Steve Martin's Sparce Disk Image Tutorial http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/fcp_x_managing_disk_image_martin.html

Chris' Folder Structure http://chrisfenwick.com/home/2010/3/10/tutorial-project-folder-organization.html