DCP 95: Fearless Felix To The Edge of Space!

Stewart Cheifet

Stewart Cheifet

Chris Fenwick takes on hosting duties for today's show since my vocal chords are ripped from being sick this week. Today's filmmaking panel includes planetMitch of planet5d.com and Ron Dawson of DareDreamMag.com. We start off by taking a leap from the edge of space with "Fearless" Felix Baumgartner and his amazing 128,000 feet supersonic jump - all covered in unprecedented detail. In addition to RED cameras and Canon 5D's mounted to the cabin, there were 5 GoPro Hero cameras mounted to Felix's spacesuit for what will no doubt be some of the most amazing POV shots ever. Speaking of GoPro, planetMitch talks about the new 4K GoPro Hero3 cameras announced this morning.

We continue the discussion of shooting interviews in this episode. Chris Fenwick talks with his former boss, Stewart Cheifet, long time host and director of the Computer Chronicles show. Cheifet - who has interviewed the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Larry Ellison - shares some of his interviewing tips and techniques. Ron Dawson talks about the interview from the standpoint of being a documentary filmmaker. He talks about one of current projects - Mixed in America - and how the interview turned out to be journey of discovery that took the film into unexpected places and emotions.

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