DCP 93: The Tomorrow Show

Before we hit the record button this morning, Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and I were discussing a short movie that we were thinking about featuring in our Cinema Room segment of the show. planetMitch had made an inquiry to the artist about the technique he used in the film - a request that was turned down. In a community  where sharing information is the norm, this took us aback a bit. You can listen to our reaction - and Chris' reaction in particular - to this filmmaker's unusual stance to not share. A shame really, since it's a lovely film. Today's show is devoted to answering some of our listeners questions. Chris goes in deep with his techniques on shooting and editing an interview. There are some good practical tips in this lively discussion. We love your questions. Send us a brief email or leave a brief voicemail on my website and perhaps we'll answer your question or listen to your feedback in a future episode of the show.

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Example of Chris Fenwick's Interview Editing Style with Shane Hurlbut: