DCP 91: The Art of the Interview

A voicemail from our friend Dave Dugdale of LearningDSLRVideo.com prompts today's topic of discussion in episode 91 of the Digital Convergence Podcast: The Art of the Interview. Dave asks Chris about how to ask questions in an interview that pulls the story out of the person being interviewed. Chris Fenwick and planetMitch and I dig into our archive of past shows to help us answer that question.

The Digital Convergence Podcast is very much a show of our listeners. Your feedback and questions help us create compelling and informative shows. The questions we have been getting from email, voicemail, twitter and blog comments have been terrific. You hear our voices all the time... however, we would love to hear your voice - so please leave a voicemail. We might just play your recording in a future episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast.

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