DCP 9: Dennis Wood - Cinevate

The guest for this episode is Dennis Wood, founder and CEO of Cinevate. Dennis talks about how a need to fulfill an artistic vision - the filmic look - for his personal video projects led to the development of the Brevis35 DOF adapter. From that humble beginning, Cinevate has grown in a few short years into a leading designer and manufacturer of great filmmaking gear designed to help cinematographers achieve their unique vision.

Cinevate designs and manufactures a brevy of products engineered with the latest in material and fabrication technology - including the Atlas series of linear tracking systems, dollies, follow focus systems, DSLR rigs, grip parts, and rail systems. Dennis talks about Cinevate's new soon-to-released DSLR viewfinder - the Cyclops.

Dennis also shares tantilizing bits of information about exciting future products. Unfortunately, I was unable to ply his lips open with more details. The Jack Daniels I sent to him did not arrive in time for the recording session, otherwise I think I could have gotten the goods from Dennis :) Seriously, Dennis was a joy to listen to and talk with. He is really passionate about creating tools for filmmakers. Passion begets great art. Or, in Cinevate's case - great tools for the visual artist.

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