DCP 81: The Listeners' Show

Since Chris Fenwick is locked aboard a big bus careening across the American Heartland working on a top-secret editing job, planetMitch, and I chat with Kris Simmons of 6 Strong Media and Kre8insights.com.

In today's episode, we focus on our listeners' questions and comments. Wow! What a diverse, amazing group of people from all over the world who are listening to the show.

First, we hear from Rusch Meyer from Germany. He answers some of the questions we raised in our last episode about his beautiful film Alter Ego.

Next, we talk about a listener's question of using a tablet for video editing versus using a laptop. Is the iPad ready for pro video editing tasks?

Tony, hailing from Belgium, tells us about a marvelous opportunity he has to document his father - an artisan bread baker - recipes and techniques. With a young family and little time, he faces the challenge that many of us have in common - finding time to work on a passion project.

And finally, we hear from a listener who asks about creating a demo reel. After considering what this amazing young man has accomplished on YouTube, we all wonder if a demo reel is even necessary. You will have to listen to the show to understand why.

We really appreciate your feedback. Think about it... this show was in fact inspired by your comments and questions. Thank you for referring the podcast to others.

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