DCP 8: Eric Kessler - Kessler Crane

Who needs 3D cinema that has to be viewed with headache and nausea-inducing 3D viewer glasses? Motion is often described as the 3rd dimension in 2D film. Whether subtle or dramatic - camera motion gives audiences a visual cue to depth.

Just how does today's hybrid DSLR shooter achieve smooth motion in their video shots?

Dollies, cranes, and jibs are tools that have been around for a long time for filmmakers. Today's materials, though, have spawned a new generation of lightweight tools well-suited for the hybrid DSLR filmmaker looking to introduce smooth motion in their video. A few weeks ago I interviewed two incredibly smart guys whose companies are producing some really interesting tools for the cinematographer: Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane, and Dennis Wood of Cinevate.

In this week's episode of the Digital Convergence podcast, I talk with Eric Kessler - founder and CEO of Kessler Crane - makers of jibs, dollies, sliders, and controllers used in producing silky traveling shots with a video camera.

Eric talks about how and why he founded Kessler Crane - manufacturer of jibs, dollies, sliders, and cranes for videographers and filmmakers. He relates how hybrid DSLR cameras have made a huge impact on Kessler Crane's product lineup and development. He shares exciting details of their new Oracle electronic motor control system married with the CineSlider. At the time of recording this podcast (February 25, 2010), Philip Bloom was beta testing Kessler Crane's Oracle system and the CineSlider. We take a few moments to speculate on the future of controllers, time-lapse photography and motion control. This episode is a long one - almost 50 minutes in length! But the time flies by as Eric enthuses on everything motion control and hybrid DSLRs.

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Website for Kessler Krane: http://www.kesslercrane.com/

Kessler Crane on Twitter: http://twitter.com/KesslerCrane

Eric Kessler on Twitter: http://twitter.com/EricKessler

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