DCP 75: The 10K Indie Filmmaker - Mike Carroll

Many filmmakers can recall a pivotal feature film they watched that caused them to say, "I want to make a movie." For some, it may have been Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odessey. For others, it may have been the summer of 1977 premiere of George Lucas' Star Wars. For our special guest on the Digital Convergence Podcast, Mike Carroll, it was David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. Mike Carroll has long desired to make feature length films - not shorts - and to date has three feature length movies in distribution. Each movie was made on a small budget. Not only has Mike directed three feature films of his own, he is the author of two books.

His first book, Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film - Without A Crew - For $10,000 Or Less, chronicles in depth his journey to make feature length movies with minimal gear and very little money. One reviewer says this about Mike's book: "Carroll walks us through the joyful but often tedious and gut-wrenching process of one-man filmmaking every step of the way, giving detail after detail. He truly holds nothing back here, which makes for one of the best and most thorough books on making an independent film you can come across."

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and Carl Olson (that's me) have a blast listening to Mike's truisms of independent filmmaking. There's a lot of good content in this episode - thanks to Mike.

Also, planetMitch shares his experience in judging the 1st Annual APA Members Short Video Contest. Lot's a interesting movies produced by photographers who are transitioning from stills to motion.

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