DCP 71: Po Chan - Collector of Memories

In this special edition of the Digital Convergence Podcast, we leave behind gear talk. Chris Fenwick delves deep into the mind and vision of Po Chan - a remarkable visual story teller and artist. Po Chan wrote and directed The Ticket and The Last Three Minutes - both films that were shot by Shane Hurlbut of Hurlbut Visuals.

Po Chan - Writer, Director
Po Chan - Writer, Director

Behind every great film is a great story. From where do those stories come from? How do stories make the transition to the medium of film?

How is editing more than just "cutting"? What role does a colorist play in evoking emotion and meaning? How does a director bring the story to life and propel it forward by means of camera position and moves? What role does light play in breathing life into the film?

This interview of Po Chan by Chris Fenwick provides insight and commentary on these questions. You will enjoy the scene by scene breakdown by Po Chan as she explains her thinking - why it was framed, lit, shot, edited and graded as it was.

The Digital Convergence Podcast team thanks Po Chan for taking the time to talk with us and share her conversation with our listeners.

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