DCP 64: The Canon 5D Mark III

With an APB out on Chris Fenwick (we think he's holed up in a KOA Campy Cabin in the mountains), planetMitch (planet5D.com), and Gabe Cheifetz (CrumplePop.com) and I take on the latest news and happenings in the world of video and photography.

We lead off with a wrap-up of the excitement (and fall-out) of Canon's latest announcement: the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. planetMitch brings a balanced, reasoned response to the Nikon D800 demo video that apparently used Canon 5D Mark II footage.

Gabe Cheifetz, of CrumplePop, talks about FCP X. I'm pleased to have CrumplePop as a sponsor of our podcast. I'm fanatical about their plugins and use them extensively in my training series. Gabe talks about their reaction to FCP X when it first came out, and the unexpected opportunity that arose from Apple's tight integration of Motion 5 and FCP X.

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