DCP 63: Film School of Hard Knocks

Episode 63 of the Digital Convergence podcast brings Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, Tony Reale (of NextWaveDV) and myself together in a lively discussion about learning the craft of filmmaking. Do you need to go to film school? Is a college degree necessary to make it in this business? What is the best way to learn? Does one size fit all when it comes to education?

We also talk about the latest video and photography news. planetMitch talks about his recent weekend trip and meet up with Shane Hurlbut, the director of photography for the recently released feature film, Act of Valor. Much of the movie was filmmed with Canon 5D Mark II's. Chris Fenwick responds to a friendly rebuttal from one of our listeners on the noise reduction / sharpening issue we talked about in the last episode.

I'm pleased to introduce CrumplePop as a new sponsor for the Digital Convergence podcast. I have been using their products for some time now. They make a lovely collection of plugins for Final Cut Pro. Thank you, CrumplePop, for sponsoring the Digital Convergence podcast.

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