DCP 62: Is There A Psych In The House?

All artist face it one time or another. We loath the work we do, wondering "Is it good enough?"

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, episode number 62, aptly titled Is There A Psych In The House? - Chris Fenwick and planetMitch provide a little psycho-therapy for my wounded artistic ego and help me face my self-doubt and loathing I sometimes feel towards my work. I worry about doing not only competent work, but desire to do great work. However, does every video we produce have to be a great "epic" to fulfill it's purpose? It's a rather gnarly and sensitive topic.

How about you? Do you feel angst over the quality of your work? How many passion projects do you need to do to get through the grind of merely competent work? We would love to share your comments on a future episode of the show.

Thank you for listening to the show. Please rate the show on iTunes. As always, it's a pleasure having planetMitch and Chris Fenwick on the podcast. Please keep your questions and comments coming!

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