DCP 61: Show Me The Money!

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Episode number 61, titled Show Me The Money! Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and I tackle the question of making money in photography and video in today's economy.

How about you? Please tell us how you are doing in your video or photography business. What challenges do you face? Better yet, what have you found that works for you? We would love to share your comments on a future episode of the show.

Thank you for listening to the show. Please rate the show on iTunes. As always, it's a pleasure having planetMitch and Chris Fenwick on the podcast. Please keep your questions and comments coming!

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Mentioned In The Show

planetMitch's Featured Artist: As seen on planet5D.com: Randy Halverson's (aka DakotaLapse) Temporal Distortion.

Chris Fenwick's Featured Artist: Jesse Lavender: Everyone Needs a Photo (as seen on chrisfenwick.com)

Carl Olson's Featured Artist: A Story For Tomorrow by gnarly bay productions.